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"The state of Sadhan should remain 24X7.

Only with the regular onslaught of Sadhan, with time

Will the purification of the Chitta (mind-stuff) occur.

Therefore, the process of Sadhan shouldn't break or stop."

Pujyapad Shri Shri Shankar Purushottam Tirthji Maharaj has conveyed the Mahayog Sadhan as Sahaj Karma and has said: "What occurs on its own is Sahaj, i.e. natural. That which is unnatural (yogic disciplines performed by personal efforts like Aasan, Mudra, Pranayam etc.) gives pain, is obstacle ridden and has the possibility of mistakes or harm. But the Siddha Marg, achieved by activation of Shakti through Satguru's Grace, accomplishes all the disciplines of Ashtang Yoga wherein Aasan, Mudra, Pranayam, Pratyahar (retreat from external and sensual objects), Dharna (hold steadfastly) and Dhyan (meditation). All yogic disciplines happen naturally. The Sadhak (Spiritual practicioner) feels obliged and blessed having perfected in spiritual attainments, and experiences being one with Brahman or the knowledge of the Absolute and the undivided Supreme consciousness. This is called the Siddha Marg or Siddha Mahayog.

Satguru is the only one who can confer salvation, the only opportunity for salvation is human life and the only doorway to this is the human body. Our body is a reflection of the universe:

"Yatha pinde, Tatha brahmande"

(Whatever is in the universe, the same is in the human body.)


The human body is the repository of innumerable mysteries. Through no other incarnate body is it possible to do Sadhana, not even that of incarnate Deities.

In our body, between the anus and the genitals is Kand (a tuber root like shape) which has been known as Mooladhar (mool-adhar), the foundation. This point is the origin of all nerves. Here, within a lighted triangle, is the Kundalini Energy, in a state of slumber, since many births and rebirths. With the benevolence of Satguru, the ocean of supreme compassion, this supreme Energy awakens instantaneously. Just as a door is opened with a key, in the same way, through Satguru's Grace, Bhagwati kundalini opens the door of Salvation.

This incident of the awakening of Mahadevi Kunalini is divine, ethereal, unavailable to the Deities and possible only through the benevolence of a competent Satguru. The kundalini Energy cannot be awakened by reading books, listening to discourses or exercises of the Mind. This is the reason it is that Satguru alone can provide salvation. The awakened 'Kundalini Shakti' traverses through the Sushumna, purifies the soul of Sanchit Karmaas and moves up piercing the Mooladhar, Svadishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddha and conjoins with Kundalini Shakti Lord Shiva in the Sahastrar (Crown Chakra). After this, it leaves the body and traverses further upwards piercing the Chakras of the universe. This is all that can be said and which can be experienced.

As the Shakti cleanses the soul of Sanchit Karmas (Accumulated seeds of past actions) and purifies the Chitta (Mind), the Sadhak experiences various Kriyas (Automatic movements) in the body. When Karmas pertaining to Bhakti are aroused, Kriyas pertaining to Bhakti occur, when Karmas pertaining to Hathayog are aroused, Kriyas pertaining to Hathayog occur. In this way, all the Sadhanas, Hath, Bhakti, Raja, Laya, Mantra, Gyan Yog are covered. Hence, this Sadhana is known as "Siddha Mahayog".

One important aspect of this Sadhana is that after the awakening of the Kundalini through Shaktipat, Sadhana becomes automatic. Hence there is no sense of "I am the doer". A sense of perception develops in the Sadhak and actions are replaced by automatic movements. The sadhak then only has to watch everything going on within them. These movements which take place after the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, are in accordance with the sadhak's Karma and are beyond the control of their mind or body. This sense of perception is not achieved by just reading, or by just chanting mantras read from books. Through the course of Sadhan, the sadhak may feel the sense of "I am the seer" on an intellectual and emotional level, but this is made permanent only after he/she has had enough experiences in the Chitta.


"The state of Sadhan should remain 24X7.

Only with the regular onslaught of Sadhan

will the purification of the Chitta occur.

Therefore, the process of Sadhan

shouldn't break or stop."

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