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Guru is Brahma (the creator), Guru is Vishnu (the preserver), Guru is Maheshwara (the destroyer)

Guru himself is the Supreme Brahman (the absolute) ; Salutations to that Guru.

'Shakti' is another word for kundalini (spiritual energy) and 'pat' means to descend. Hence, Shaktipat is the descent of Shakti from the Guru to the disciple. Since the Guru is spiritually more advanced than the disciple, when the spiritual power of the Guru is transferred to the lower one of the disciple, it arouses and activates the disciple's Shakti and makes it introspective. This process of awakening of the disciple’s energy is known as Shaktipat.


Shaktipat itself is not an independent Yoga or system of Sadhan. It is a means of awakening the Shakti towards inner consciousness, and makes it perform Kriyas (automatic movements). After the awakening of the Shakti, there is progress in the Kriyas depending on the Sadhak’s spiritual level and depending on his/her Karmas (deeds of the Sadhak).


As the Shakti awakens and rises, with regular practice of Sadhan and deep meditation, it purifies the inner self. It gradually purifies evil tendencies and gives rise to righteous ones. The Sadhak (Spiritual Practitioner) day by day, advances close to the Supreme Sovereign. Thus, practicing Parmarth loosens worldly attachment and also has a positive ripple effect on the whole of society. Consequently, many good thoughts such as love, forbearance and philanthropy develop in the society.


The practice of Parmarth does not mean that duties towards family, society, country and humanity cease. No religious text conveys that an escape from duties can take one closer to the Supreme Being. Biographies of saints and great personages are proof of the fact that they have been more committed to and conscious of their duties, than ordinary beings and their contribution to humanity has been comparably greater than any ordinary person.

Self Realisation

The real and actual aim of Atma-janan (realization of the self) in human beings has found a myriad of ways of Sadhana (Spiritual practice), beginning from Lord Shiva himself, seers, and sages. To quote the eternal venerable Huzur Malik Sahib, “The aim of all paths of Sadhana is one and they all achieve the same aim. The different paths of practice may bring forth different experiences”. Therefore all ways of Sadhana are revered and venerable. Of these, many great personages have approved two paths as being preferential: “Surat Shabd Yog Sadhan” and “Siddha Mahayog Sadhan”.


Guru is Brahma (the creator),

Guru is Vishnu (the preserver),

Guru is Maheshwara (the destroyer)

Guru himself is the absolute;

Salutations to that Guru.

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